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How to make your home a Smart Home | Episode 01

How to make your home a Smart Home in Sri lanka. Explained by Chanux Bro Sinhala Geek Show. The smart home is no longer a dream stuck inside a Disney movie. It's real, it's attainable and it's a lot easier to set up than you think. smart home automation sri lanka home automation system sri lanka broadlink sri lanka Mobitel smart home slt smart home smart light sri lanka smart switch price in sri lanka sri lanka telecom. smart homes technology smart home automation smart home devices smart home gadgets smart home products smart home systems alexa smart home how to make a smart home with alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod

Mobitel WIFI Plus - Data Everywhere
What is Wi-Fi plus This is a unique facility which Mobitel offers to share data bundle of one package (Main Number) within multiple SIMs (Sub lines). In other words, this feature allows to utilize the main package data bundle through a separate SIM (Sub Line). Ex: If you purchase a 50GB package and a Sub line, you can SHARE the 50GB package data bundle with the sub line. Share one data package with multiple devices Share one data package wherever you go One broadband bill to pay No hassle managing data bundles in multiple devices Sinhala Geek Show by Chanux bro.
FLsun 3D Printer Unboxing Sri Lanka
FLsun 3D Printer Unboxing Sri Lanka, this printer is huge. we can print bigger objects with smooth edges. FLSUN Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer with Printing Size 260X370 Auto Leveling Touch Screen WIFI Remote Control Hot Bed Filament. budget and low price 3d printers in Sri Lanka. FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta Kit - Auto leveling Metal structure, more stable, improve the printing accuracy. Filament compatibility: PLA (Without Heatbed), Wood, Nylon, PVA and Flexible Filaments (With heatbed). Free Auto leveling upgrade. Max Nozzle Temperature: 260 Degree c. Max HeatBed Temperature: 100 Degree c. New Updates June 2016: Added two cooling fans to cool hotend and printing filament. Updated Effector.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review and Gear VR for Note 7 in Sinhala Sri Lanka
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Released in Sinhala Sri Lanka sinhala geek show phone review by Chanux Bro Sri Lanka India Asia UK Dubai Price Specification Note7 Specs Released Date Review Unboxing Handson edge features duel sim battery handsfree gear VR virtual reality for samsung Galaxy Note 7 apps overheating display
One Plus 6 Special Red + Giveaway
One Plus 6 Special Red Edition in Sri Lanka. OnePlus 6 Red price, specs, Unboxing OnePlus 6 Red hands-on: This is the one to get. Giveaway Oneplus earphone free sri lanka price. Sinhala geek show by Chanux Bro.
What is 4G LTE 3G 2G GPRS mobile communication tech in Sinhala
What is 4G 5G 4.5G LTE 3G 3.5G HSDPA HSUPA HSDPA+ plus 3G GPRS GSM 1G WCDMA Mobile Communication Technology Explained in Sinhala Sri Lanka by Chanux Bro Sinhala Geek Show mobile network finder how mobile network works mobile network tracker mobile network ppt mobile network settings android mobile network not available how to hack mobile network mobile network code reliance jio 4g plans reliance 4g jio 4g sim card airtel 4g what is 4g technology what is 4g lte what is 3g what is 4g vs 3g what is 5g wifi what is 5g technology pdf what is 5g on my wireless router what is 5g technology ppt what is 6g what is lte 5g mobile Released Data Internet Speed Sri Lanka India
Nintendo SWITCH Sri Lanka
Nintendo SWITCH Sri Lanka. Games. where to buy nintendo switch in sri lanka nintendo switch games sri lanka nintendo switch for sale in sri lanka nintendo 3ds price in sri lanka nintendo switch games price in sri lanka nintendo switch price ps4 price in sri lanka xbox one controller sri lanka